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31 January 2012 @ 10:36 pm

my video playlist:

NoonaPH's video playlist:

PICS in Heat and by the pool of Edsa Shangri-La :)

more of my pics can be found on my twitpic

04 January 2012 @ 01:47 am

Philippine ELFs didn't expect to hear some good news on the first day of 2012. Early evening last Sunday, Siwon posted on his twitter that he was on his way to the airport because he is going to Manila.

At first I thought his account was hacked lol. But after a while, another news came out, Kyuhyun was also in the airport coz he was going with Siwon. People started getting excited by then haha. A few of my friends were on their way to the airport already to meet the boys. A lot of speculations about their visit circulated on Twitter. Some said they were going to be endorsers for Penshoppe, Bench, and even Belo :)) In the midst of the chaos, another rumor came out, Hyukjae was with them too. It was hard to believe coz there wasn't any pic of him in the airport, unlike Kyu, and Siwon didn't mention if he was with any of the boys. So all night, we were all so confused on who were really coming here. Around 11PM, Siwon tweeted again that he's already here in Manila, and again, he didn't mention who he came with here. Fans who went to NAIA didn't see them coz they used the Departure Area when they left the place (that's what i heard lol). So until early morning of the next day, no one has an idea if Kyu and Hyuk were really here too. No one knew also where they're staying coz no one got the chance to follow their van from the airport. So that night, I already convinced myself that I wouldn't stalk the next day coz both my bias (Hyuk and Kyu) weren't here. But when i woke up around 10AM the next day, I was sooooo surprised that there were pics already of the boys filming their Kyochon CF in Eastwood. So I fixed myself, charged my camera and phone then contacted the other NoonaPH girls to plan how we're gonna stalk the boys. We decided to meet in Eastwood since they were still there when I woke up. But by the time that I left my place, they already packed up and were on their way to their next location. Fans on Twitter said they were going next to Macapagal, so that's where I decided to meet my friends before heading to their location. I met ate Jing and Johanna in MOA then we went to their location which is in the parking lot of Blue Lotus Spa in front of PNB in Macapagal Road. Laine was already there with her friends, she also went straight there from Pampanga hehe. She even got into a little accident, damaging her new car by hitting a post outside their house, on her way there haha. Ate Jan had to call someone else to replace her in their salon before going to the location. When we arrived there, they just started setting up the set that the boys will be using. We found an elevated spot at the back and waited for the boys to come out. Thank God for our babies - super zoom cameras, even though we were around 15m away from the boys, we were still able to take clear pics and vids. We saw the boys danced and acted cute while filming and when they were on their break. Just check out my album and video at the bottom of this post hehe. We left the place around 3:30 to eat lunch at a nearby korean resto because we were all starving (the last time i ate was 9pm of the previous day lol), and while we were there Laine updated us that the filming packed up already and the boys went near the fans. The boys were supposed to thank the fans for the award from KpopCon3 (album of the year) but a girl suddenly ran straight to Kyu to hug him, shoving Hyuk and Siwon on her way. The boys were shocked and ran back to the bus. The supposed-to-be fan meeting was cancelled because of what that girl did. They went next to Intramuros but since the streets there were so narrow, plus the hundreds of fans, filming was cancelled. They didn't even get to go out of the bus. The boys went back to Fraser Place and I think they discussed there whether they should still continue filming here or not. After a few hours, the 3 boys went out of the hotel and we later found out that they went to the airport to go back to Korea. :( Originally, only Eunhyuk was supposed to go back because he was scheduled to play for his musical from Jan 3-4. We didn't follow them anymore when they went to Intramuros because we were already very happy that we saw them in Macapagal and we were sure, we won't be able to see them in Intramuros hehe. So here are some of our pics and vid ;)

our pics are in here:
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29 September 2011 @ 01:13 pm
My friends and I went to Seoul last week for vacation and we took this opportunity to watch at least one music show while we were there. We went to KBS around 8am to wait for the boys since they usually arrive around that time to dress and rehearse, set-up the stage and stuff.. A few artists came before them, one boy group -  i dunno their name but i think they were infinite, i have a vid of them entering the building but i haven't uploaded it hehe. We also saw Nicole and Seungyeon of Kara, Sistar (but i only recognized Hyorin coz she's the only one i know in the group).. around 10am, Super Junior finally arrived and i managed to take a video of them entering the building (watch the vid below hehe!). After they got in, we immediately signed up for the music show, the process was easy, we just have to give our names to the staff then we'll sit in line with the other fans then they'll group us according to what we have, like albums, ringtones, ringback tunes or if we are official members of the fan club.. we only brought our albums so we were last to enter the music hall but luck was on our side coz we were seated in the front row, and we were soooooo close to the stage. we didn't bother taking pics or vids because if they catch us taking any, they were just gonna delete them anyway. the boys rehearsed first, then recorded for the broadcast. but teukie's mic fell off his pants so they had to record again. my friend said we were lucky to see them perform thrice coz usually they would just perform twice, one for rehearsal and the other for the broadcast.. in between takes, they were all just fooling around with the fans. they even mocked our chanting skills haha! we were supposed to chant all of their names in the middle of the song, but that part was changed to screams coz they said they can't understand our chant hehe! when they were leaving after their third performance, i took the opportunity to let Hyukjae know that i love him hahaha! i shouted "Eunhyuk Mahal KIta" thrice till he heard me haha! and he turned around and waved! that day topped all of my fangirling experience ever since i became a fangirl :)))) i felt soooo happy knowing he heard me and he responded to me ;) so, here's our vid of them entering KBS Building, happy watching! haha! ^___^

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06 June 2011 @ 01:08 pm
uploading 2 sets of vids - one taken by yours truly hehe, and another set taken by laine (lois_lane of noonaph). i will post them all later when they're done uploading.. we were seated at the upper box b of Araneta, thank God we have awesome cameras, we managed to record the whole event (girls' perfs and a few of Christian Bautista and Phil. All Stars). ;)

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06 May 2011 @ 04:27 pm
09 April 2011 @ 03:36 pm
 i will TRY to upload all of our vids from the concert, but for now, i only have 6 vids.. uploading done XD security was sooooo strict when we watched the concert, nakikipag siksikan talaga sila sa standing area just to catch people who were taking pics/vids. even ate Sandee was caught and escorted outside to surrender her cam. hahahaha! so we have few videos lang talaga from the concert. pero the experience was sooooo great! i think it is still my best concert ever :) hehehehe! nothing can top that experience :) the venue's soooooo big, lots of artists performed - DBSK, SUJU, SHINee, SNSD, Jang Ri In.. I can't wait to watch another SMTown Concert!! hehe! Sana YGFam Concert din!! hehehe! 

07 March 2011 @ 12:51 am
 i was able to record the whole concert in HD.. check them out below :)

and another playlist taken by lois_lane of noonaph.. these vids are mostly siwon-biased :)

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so here's my entry for theYugaTech Contest: Show me your PC, win 1TB! contest.. i badly need the new hard drive coz my three WD external hard drives (320gb, 500gb, and 1TB) are screaming for space already and i'm still saving up for the wd tv live media player.. i hope i'll win this one!! 




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